UFO Beer Raspberry Hefeweizen 6 pack 12 oz. Can - Classic Liquors
UFO Beer Raspberry Hefeweizen 6 pack 12 oz. Can
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UFO Beer Raspberry Hefeweizen

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6 pack 12 oz. Can
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Category Hefe Weizen
Region United States, Vermont
Brand UFO Beer
Alcohol/vol 4.8%
UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen is Harpoon's interpretation of the European practice of adding fruit flavors to wheat beers. It is an enjoyable marriage of beer and fruit flavors. After you have poured half the beer into a tall wheat beer glass, swirl the bottle three times to combine the yeast that may have settled to the bottom. Pour the remaining beer into the glass to create a generous, foamy head. The overall character is a cloudy rose color, fresh raspberry aroma, and fruity flavor balanced by UFO's clean, wheat beer taste. Pairing suggestions: Pork, cheeses, and chocolate cake.
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Pours a cloudy soft pinky-peach hue. Aromas of yeast, sweet citrus and fresh raspberry juice appear in the bouquet. The round, medium-weight mouth shows a nice bready note lifted by accents of tart citrus. Crisp but doughy and not overpowered by the fruit flavor; easy to drink and a great pairing for summer salads (or a base for a dressing).

June 1, 2011