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San Felice

San Felice
The territory of the present-day Agricola Sa Felice was part of the ancient church "San Felice in Avane", which since 714 was contested by the bishops of Arezzo and Siena. This church, whose place-name "Avane" bears testimony to its Etruscan origins, was designated the "Pieve" (parish church) in the beginning of the 11th century, or to be more precise, "Pieve di San Felice in Pici" (later to become "in Pincis") in honor of San Felice di Nola, an important martyred saint of the fourth century. The small residential nucleus that grew around the church, beginning in the ninth century, was under the jurisdiction of the religious authority, which, through the tight network of its churches, was able to maintain an efficient control of the territory and a semblance of management of the civil and economic powers. Through the centuries, in Tuscan parish churches, religious and political authorities tended to overlap: in San Felice too, during the fifteenth century, the legal ownership of the parish was conceded to the Cerretani family who obtained official recognition of the right to exercise this prerogative only in 1738 through a decision by the tribunal of the Sacred Roman Rota. During the following century, ownership passed into the hands of the Sienese noble family of the marquises () Del Taja (subsequently known as Grisaldi Del Taja) to whom the systematic reorganization of the territory and its cultivation is owed, as well as the urban changes made within this property. During the first half of the tenth century, the San Felice estate had considerable success both with regard to its image and economic standing, thanks also to the prestigious recognition that its main products, wine and oil, obtained at the major national and international trade fairs. Moreover, in 1924 the Grisaldi del Taja family became one of the founding members of the then newly created Chianti Classico Consortium. In post-war years, San Felice went through another difficult time when the flight from the countryside reduced the population of the small village of 240() residents () in 1930 to about 90 people in the '50s. The management of this concern became complex and no longer feasible without introducing new capital and a more modern form of business management. The new way of running the business began in 1968, when the Grisaldi Del Taja gave up the whole company and the new ownership charged Enzo Morganti to make the changes needed to overcome the crisis and place the business on the road to quality viticultrue. His experience in viticulture and his enthusiasm marked a considerable acceleration: all the sectors of the business were involved in this stage of radical reorganization, which spread from the vineyards and, through use of experimental research, to technological innovation in the cellar. The quality of the staff chosen by Morganti to effect these changes and the availability of financial means supplied by the owners have enabled San Felice to achieve a constant and balanced growth over the years in all aspects. It has now become one of the most modern and prestigious productive concerns in the complex and heterogeneous panorama of Tuscan viticulture.
San Felice Chianti Classico 2010

San Felice Chianti Classico 2010

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ws 90
A sparkling ruby, this wine offers complex, long-lingering aromas, with nuances of dark cherry, raspberry and sweet violets. Appealingly dry and medium-bodied, it is smooth, rounded, and well balanced. Overall, its judicious structure, elegant fragrances, and savoury palate make this a delectable experience.  more


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San Felice Perolla Rosso 2012

San Felice Perolla Rosso 2012

Notes of rose petals, raspberries, ripe dark cherries, and lavender are gloriously evident throughout the wine and ensure a delicious tasting experience. A wine for all dishes, from Tuscan-style charcuterie to tomato-sauced baked pasta dishes and risottos, and, for the adventurous, with bouillabaisse and fish stews as well.  more


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San Felice Chianti Classico Riserva Il Grigio 2009

San Felice Chianti Classico Riserva Il Grigio 2009

A deep ruby red, Il Grigio releases lingering, complex fragrances redolent of sweet violets and wild red berry fruit. The palate displays a wine of appreciable body, nicely lean-edged, and with a crisp acidity. Succulent tannins complement a delicate fruitiness, as does a broad complex of aromas enriched by just ... more


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